What is onychophilia you ask?

Well if you have come to this page I suspect you already know a bit about it and have an interest in long nails.

Though not officially listed in every dictionary, "onychophilia" is the term for a "long nail fetish".
Not to be confused with "amychophilia" which is a similar but slightly different fetish, focused on nail scratching.

If you are mesmerized at the (sadly rare) site of a woman with long nails, if you are titillated by the elegance of the nails' shape (including length, curve, width, thickness, color, hygiene and finish), you may have a nail fetish.

long red nailsIf you are aware of, and impressed by, the time and effort needed to maintain them beyond their normally accepted length, know the dedication and care required to live with them both in avoiding hurtful accidents and having the discipline to freshen them up on a regular basis, including manicure/pedicure, nail fill, lacquer, etc, and you find it makes the woman wearing them all that more attractive, then you may have the long nail fetish known as onychophilia.

If you think it is sexy for a woman to have long nails and that it sends a sort of sensual message which appeals to your most basic of animalistic urges and that you can't resist the call of the long nails, then you are a long nail fetishist.

In this case welcome... you are not alone!
Many long nail fetishists started out life being ashamed of their fascination, as society often frowns upon any deviation from the social norm. But fear no more. There is now a forum where you can both express yourself, interact with other fellow fetishists and enjoy the sight of beautiful long nails.

Indeed, the website longnails.com is dedicated to such endeavor and remains FREE for us to enjoy. Please help support it by visiting often and sharing in social media and online.

It is interesting to note that the long nail fetish has generally been known to apply to men who are attracted to women with long fingernails, though more and more lately, we see deviations from this, including an interest in long toenails.

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